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Factory: Dongxi Industrial Area, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
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【Terms of Use】


The information presented below applies as an agreement for the users of PRIMA Corporation's Website at
Please use with consent. Furthermore, this agreement can be changed whenever necessary.
In this case, the agreement will become valid when it is posted on this Website.

We at PRIMA Corporation take every precaution in posting accurate information on this Website, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, timeliness and usefulness.
PRIMA Corporation assumes no liability for any loss that may result from the use of this Website.PRIMA Corporation, as a general rule, may modify or delete any of the information that is disclosed on this Website without advance notice.
PRIMA Corporation may also interrupt or halt access to this Website when deemed necessary or from other decisions made upon our company.
PRIMA Corporation shall assume no liability for any damages resulting from modification or deletion of information on this Website or interruption or halting access to this Website.

Recommended Environment

We recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher or Netscape Communicator version 4.0 or higher to view this Website. When other browsers are used or depending on your Web browser setting, this Website may not be accessible or viewed properly.
We recommend viewing this Website at 800x600 pixels or a larger screen size.


Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.

The information on products, services, and technologies posted on this Website are protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, and other intellectual property laws. You may use this information only for your personal use. For any other use (including duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, and translation etc. Same for below.) previous written permission must be obtained. Our trademark, brand name and company insignia used on this Website are protected by trademark laws and unfair competition laws among others. The PRIMA trademark, brand name or company insignia are not available for use without PRIMA's expressed written permission in advance.


Prohibited Activities

Conducting the following activities on this Web site is prohibited:
1.      Activities that infringe on or may possibly infringe on the property rights or privacy of PRIMA Corporation or another third party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Furthermore, this includes the usage of personal information posted on this Website.

2.      Activities that cause or may cause losses or damages to PRIMA Corporation or another third party. Defamation, libelous or defamatory statements towards PRIMA Corporation or another third party is also prohibited.

3.       Activities that are constituted or may be constituted as obscene, pornographic or profane.

4.       Activities that constitute or may lead to criminal offense.

5.       Registering or sending another persons e-mail address or pretending to be someone else.

6.       Commercial activities or other commercially motivated activities.

7.       Activities that damage the honor or trustworthiness of PRIMA Corporation or this Website.

8.       Use or providing of computer viruses and other harmful programs or actions that could lead to such activities.

9.       Activities that violate or could violate laws.

10.    Other activities that PRIMA Corporation deems inappropriate at any time.


Ideas and Other Suggestions

Unless PRIMA Corporation requests, through its Website, that the general public provide confidential or other exclusive information (including ideas concerning your technology, marketing, products, etc; these are hereafter referred to as "such information"), we refuse to receive such information.                                                                
In the unlikely event that such information is provided without an explicit expression that PRIMA is accepting such information under an obligation to honor confidentiality, it is to be understood that PRIMA shall assume no obligations whatsoever to honor the confidentiality of such information.
Furthermore, we shall assume no obligations to use or evaluate such information.


We at PRIMA Corporation take every precaution when posting information on this Website. However, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate, useful, reliable, to meet your purpose or safe (i.e., functions will not be disrupted, defects will be corrected, this Website and server are free of computer viruses and other harmful data or programs, etc.)etc. Furthermore, PRIMA Corporation shall assume no liabilities for any losses that may result from your using or not being able to use these information or for any damages that may result from your using this Website.We have the spirit to provide clients with clear and elaborate information, some pictures, and text or graphics references may also come from the network, etc. If those referenced information, pictures, text or graphics involving you or your organization's intellectual property, or damage to your interests, please tell us, we will replace their relevant data.


Links to the PRIMA Corporation Website

Links to this Website are permitted under the following matters to be attended regardless to whether the link is from a individual or a company.

1.       As a general rule links to this Website should be linked to the top page "".When linking to this website using text, please use "PRIMA Corporation" or "PRIMA Corp."

2.       The use of any registered trademark possession by PRIMA Corporation is prohibited. We refuse any links that may cause misidentification of the origin that the information is sent out.

3.       Always set links so that a new window will open up when linking to the PRIMA Corporation Website. Links that show information within your Websites will make the contents to be mislead that the information is from PRIMA Corporation and may cause misinterpretation to a third party.                                                                     
Please place the following line in your HTML.<a href="" target="_blank">PRIMA Corporation</a>

4.       We prohibit any links from Websites that refer to the following.

Websites that include information intended to slander or cause lose in credibility of our company or other individuals or companies.

Websites that have the danger to infringe the copyright, registered trademark, possessions, privacy, portrait or any other rights owned by our company or other individuals or companies.

Websites that include statements that may cause the reader to misinterpret that there is alignment or partnership with our company, or that there is acknowledgment from our company to the Website of the link origin.

Websites that do not apply to the above but have the fear to interfere with the operations of our Website or violate public order and standards of decency or laws including regulations and rules.


Links from the PRIMA Corporation Website

Links to other Websites besides related companies are not performed. We ask for your understanding.


Diversion of images and photos

In principle we refuse the diversion of images on our Website or other catalogs and posters etc. published by our company, are related not only to our company rights but also complicatedly related to the portrait rights, copyrights, rights to developing vendors and advertising agencies etc.


Links to Third Party Websites

The contents of third party Web sites (hereafter referred to as link sites) to/from which links are contained on this Website are managed under the responsibilities of the providers of the link sites, and must comply with the terms of use and copyright etc. law regulations pertaining to the individual link sites. PRIMA Corporation assumes no liabilities whatsoever for any damages that may result from the use of such link sites.


Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the interpretation and application of legal requirements on the use of this Web site and the statements in "About this Website" shall be made under the applicable laws of China. Also, unless otherwise specifically agreed, any and all disputes relating to the use of this Web site shall be initially litigated in a court under the jurisdiction of the Jinhua District Court.