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Factory: Dongxi Industrial Area, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
PC: 321000
Tel: 0086 579 82480797
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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
As a company with strong socially responsibility, PRIMA always pay close attention to the development and changes in Chinese society. From PRIMA's point of view, a company's social responsibility, also known as stakeholder interest, is not an additional burden, but a necessity for company to survive. The social responsibility is also the inherent requirement for company to develop in the future. PRIMA grows rapidly, and it also promotes the "create value for society" spirit, raising the social responsibility to be the company's top priority. PRIMA actively takes company social responsibilities and enthusiastically supports social welfare services. PRIMA makes efforts on exploring the best social welfare and philanthropy support structure, and as already set up a working system. This includes supporting education, helping orphans and the disabled, poverty relief, and environmental protection.

Supporting Education
PRIMA shows great concerns about the education system in China, and the growth of the next generation. Committed to fund children in need, build schools, establishing college scholarships, PRIMA tries its best to help the education development in China.

"PRIMA Pearl Class"
Since 2009, top management was actively involved in the "Retrieve Pearl" project of Zhejiang Xinhua Love Education Foundation. By setting up 6 PRIMA Pearl Classes in remote mountain regions of China, including Xinjiang, Gansu, Henan, and Jilin provinces. Up to now, PRIMA has funded 300 high school students, who come from the poorest families while having the best grades in junior high, helping them to continue their education and realize their dreams.

"School-Enterprise Cooperation"
Since 2008, through the establishment of "Die Class" and "Quality Class", PRIMA has arranged to provide jobs and job training to students with Jinhua Polytechnic and other secondary education institutions.

"Dream Club"
In order to help to achieve students' dreams, PRIMA uses "schools, businesses and students co-management" as a business model, carrying out the "Dream Come True", "Funding a dream", "Career Path Assistant", etc, activities to support students who need help.

Building Schools
PRIMA actively involves itself in schools construction, and donations of teaching equipment for schools in rural areas.

Helping Orphans and the Disabled
PRIMA keeps in touch with Social Welfare Homes, Rest Homes, and the like. It often organizes visits to orphans and the disabled, helping them cope with life in a positive manner.

Disaster Relief
PRIMA is grateful for the support it receives from surrounding communities which helped it to grow at such a rapid pace in the past, and actively returns to the community. Especially when large-scale natural disasters happen such as earthquakes and floods, PRIMA is always involved in disaster relief operations and donations.

Environmental Protection
PRIMA does not only focus on its own products' and manufacturing processes' environmental friendliness, but is also concerned about environmental protection on a society level. The company often organizes employees to carry out environmental protection activities in public events etc.